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The dirty, ugly secrets of web optimization, pay per click, content management systems and web design
Learn why so many web marketing programs are a waste of money – and a few are money-making machines.

Don’t spend another dollar on web marketing until you have read the four dirty, ugly secrets of web marketing.

Whether you have a small, emerging business or a large, well established business, there is a good chance you are wasting dollars – and losing sales – simply because you didn’t know what you were getting into – until now.

We are going to let you look under the hood of web marketing and see why so many web marketing programs are a huge waste of money – and a select few are money-making machines that deliver eye-popping ROI.  

Dirty, ugly web secret #1
Web optimization does not equal sales optimization
Dirty, ugly web secret #2
Being #1 on Google can be a waste of time and money
Dirty, ugly web secret #3
Content Management Systems are often difficult to manage
Dirty, ugly web secret #4
Many web designers are good at web design – and nothing else

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