You have always known you needed more referrals,
you just didn't know how (until now)

Television appearance by Sales, Referral and Networking Coach Jill Schoenhofer, a provider of referral coaching, networking skills development training, corporate referral training, sales coaching and keynote speaker presentations and seminars.

When was the last time someone gave you a referral? Not recently? Not ever?

There is a solution: call Jill Schoenhofer, a Sales, Referral and Networking trainer who has already worked wonders for an ever growing list of satisfied clients, including financial planners, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, bookkeepers, consultants and real estate agents.

"Anyone can learn how to gain more referrals and be more successful in networking situations," says Jill Schoenhofer. "They just need a little guidance and encouragement – and that is where my company, WellConnected, comes in."

Save 80% on referral training for you or your team

Did you know that 80% of the cost of your training program could be covered by available government grants?* It's true. Better still, Jill and her team handle the application for you. Plus Jill offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee on every training package she offers, which can be delivered:

  • In your work location
  • Jill's office in Markham, Ontario
  • By VideoZoom for out of town clients

Call now (416-816-4302) to learn more or go online to request a free introductory consultation with Sales, Referral and Networking Coach Jill Schoenhofer.

*Applicable to anyone in a sales position in Ontario (some conditions apply).

Preview of Jill's unique approach to referral coaching and training

Jill Schoenhofer delivering coaching on networking and how to generate referrals, proven areas of training expertise that also include sales training, working coaching, corporate referral training and keynote speaker presentations.
Ask about any of the business expanding services Jill offers to individuals and businesses: referral and networking coaching, corporate referral coaching, sales training and keynote speaker engagements. The results speak for themselves – and available government grants could cover up to 80% of your training program.
  • Be Pro Active, Not In Active. Pursue referrals and prospect meetings every week
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with a prospect by identifying how he or she prefers to communicate
  • No more guessing and hoping. Use Jill's unique Referral Score Card to measure 30 different strategies you use to get referrals
  • Learn how to identify the 10 characteristics of your ideal client -- and use that to make more sales
  • Understand why giving a referral is the best way to get a referral
  • How to be great when you get the all-important "What do you do?" question

See the complete coaching program.

Affordable referral coaching packages starting as low as $877.

Logo for Well Connected, a sales training company in Markham, Ontario, created by Certified Sales and Networking Coach Jill Schoenhofer to offer coaching on how to build a referral network, be successful in networking situations and increase sales.

8500 Leslie Street, Suite 101
Markham, Ontario
L3T 7M8

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