Why the best (and most underutilized) marketing option for your small business could be international trade shows

Blurred image of trade show, symbolizing the distorted view of trade shows that prevents small business owners from taking advantage of what could be the best marketing option for their product or service.
Many small business owners have a distorted view of trade shows (expensive, difficult, only for big business). The truth is just the opposite. Learn more by asking us for a free introductory consultation.

Major international trade shows place your innovations on a world stage that attracts the planet's biggest assembly of buyers. You will also meet agents, experts, and organizations. They will show up from 100 countries or more. All in one place, all at one time. What could be better?

Granted, you have to travel overseas and invest in all the things that make a major trade show one of your best marketing options.

But here's the good news. You can get government funding to shrink those costs – and we know exactly where to find it. You can then use those dollars to buy the euros, pesos, or yuans you spend to make a splash at trade fairs near and far.

Need more? Every time you attend a trade show is a new (and potentially very lucrative) opportunity to meet distributors or agents – the people you'll need above all else to sell in target markets. You'll also encounter possible business partners. You'll learn how to connect with the influential trade journalists covering the show, and don't be surprised when one of Canada's superb trade fair commissioners drops by. They have answers when you have questions about how to:

  • define world market possibilities for your product or service
  • find qualified contacts in your industry
  • learn about taxation, import restrictions
  • tap into foreign research and grants

And you get all that and more at no charge.

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Lucrative business opportunities continue after hours

You also need to know that a lot of important business happens after hours during event receptions. Even after the show ends, there is plenty to gain by having your offering featured on the authoritative websites maintained by the major trade shows year-round. That way your products are on the world stage year round, not just during the show. So you can promote your products to your target world markets, not for four or five days but for 365.

Another lasting benefit is the coverage you get in trade media long after the event is over. That could pay off with a business transforming business inquiry/partnership that comes in months after you have returned home.

And these benefits grow stronger and more valuable every year you return to the show. Which you should do for at least 3-4 years. At trade fairs, familiarity breeds sales.

Get started now by speaking to us – The Trade Show Guides – or continue your education by reading our nine-point primer on how to make a splash at a trade fair.

Andy Shaw, an expert in trade show marketing, including how to take advantage of publicity options that multiply the opportunity to generate new sales and business partnerships.

With contributions by Andy Shaw, your guide to success
at many of the world's largest trade shows.

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