How are the marketing strategies provided by Words at Work different than fill-in-the-blank marketing plan templates or marketing planning software?

A marketing plan is not something you can get out of a box. You need the help and guidance of a marketing professional who takes the time to understand your business, your challenges and your dreams. And that is exactly what you get from Words at Work.

If you could get a marketing plan out of a box, it would be for sale in grocery stores –right next to the Kleenex and other packaged goods.

How can your marketing and advertising strategies be effective if you don’t know your business?

You are right. It is important to learn your business – and we take the time to do just that. At the same time, there is a lot of benefit in getting some fresh eyes on your business, because we can often see what you can’t see.

Can I sample your services with an introductory marketing consultation at no cost or obligation?

Yes, on request, we will supply over the phone an introductory marketing consultation. You can then decide if you want to retain our services to help develop your marketing plan, strategies and budget. You also have the option of paying a small fee ($199) to have a 90-minute introductory marketing consultation in your office (limited to locations within the GTA).

Why do so many marketing agencies say that marketing is complex?

They want you to think marketing is complex (and expensive). The best marketing is blazingly simple. Think of Apple Computer and how they succeeded by doing one thing better than anybody else or, better still, doing one thing nobody else is doing.

What are the most typical marketing mistakes made by companies or individuals?

It’s different for new and established businesses.

For new businesses, there are two common errors:

  • Not including a realistic marketing budget in start up costs or severely under estimating marketing costs.
  • Assuming that marketing to everyone guarantees success, when just the opposite is true.

For existing businesses, there are six common marketing errors:

  • Failing to invest in marketing when times are good – and not having enough money to market when times are bad.
  • Not taking the time necessary to do the marketing planning required to identify who are best prospects (can be reached at least cost and least risk and produce the highest margin).
  • Under marketing to existing customers (who can be reached at less cost and less risk than prospects and are almost always willing to buy more).
  • Not seeking ways to increase sales by finding new uses of your products and services and/or new ways to market your products and services.
  • Ignoring best marketing practices employed by competitors. They are hiding in plain sight.
  • Under utilizing digital marketing techniques (web site, email marketing).

What if I need marketing, advertising and sales support?

We provide end-to-end support of the entire marketing and sales funnel. That means we can help you develop or refine a marketing plan, develop and execute advertising to build brand awareness and attract leads, and provide ongoing sales training and coaching to improve the closing rate of your sales team.


What is the most common reason why sales reps fail?

Not putting people in the right roles. Some people are natural born “hunters”, some are better suited to being “farmers”, and some shouldn’t be in sales at all.

Do you cover basic selling skills?

Yes, if that’s what your team or individual sales rep needs.

How do you test the skills of a sales rep?

Since a lecture is never as effective as demonstration, we have an exercise that never fails to expose weak areas. We give it to each sales rep, but only after we have given the same test to the individual (sales manager, company owner) who manages the sales team.

How soon can I expect results following sales training delivered by Words at Work?

We have had sales reps report that they were able to successfully apply our training the day after it was supplied. Others who had previously been shutout were able to make a sale. Your team’s results will depend on the following factors: ability and willingness to learn new techniques; market demand for your product or service; the quality of your leads.

Do you offer a free introductory consultation?

Yes, on request, we will supply over the phone an introductory sales training consultation. You can then decide if you want to retain our services. You also have the option of paying a small fee ($199) to have a 90-minute free introductory sales training consultation in your office (limited to locations within the GTA).

What should I do if my sales reps say they are unable to overcome a customer objection?

This is a typical “escape hatch” for under performing sales reps. It’s also an admission that the sale rep is unprepared. A well trained sales rep not only knows every customer objection, but also welcomes the opportunity to turn an objection into a bridge to a sale.

How can my sales reps succeed if my product/service costs more than what’s offered by my competitors?

Pick virtually any product or service and look at what is selling – you will find some low quality/low price offerings and some high quality/high price offerings. Lesson: higher priced offerings are marketable. You just need to know how to do it.

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