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Video tutorial on small business marketing and advertising, presented by Wolfgang Franke, the marketing guru for small businesses who need tips on how to market and advertise their business.

Forget everything you have ever heard about marketing.  It's just a jumble of myths and misconceptions that are best left in the dustbin of history. Now is the time to open your mind to something that is, well, more human. We call it HtoH (short for Human to Human) marketing because it is all about connecting the two things that are never linked in small business advertising:

  • The humans that make up your business
  • The humans that make up your client base

Note there was nothing in there about websites, videos, emails, webinars or any of the other stuff that is normally associated with small business advertising.  That comes later. The first, and most important task, is to start communicating human to human.  

So what does that mean for your business? It means it's time to jettison all the sales killing habits that are holding your back (jargon, formality and corporate double-speak) in favor of a new approach to business development built on the following tenants of HtoH marketing:

Be human

We are not robots. We are humans and it is a scientific fact that humans relate to humans. They do no relate to things.

Be different

There is safety in numbers – not. Resist the temptation to copy the competition. Dare to be what you actually are – different.

Be funny

We like to laugh. It makes us feel good. So why would you make your communications humorless? Go ahead and make fun of yourself. It's endearing. And very human.

Be interesting

Scrap your bullet points on product features. Replace them with a story about your product or service. Make it interesting and you are on your way to making the sale.

Be nice

In a world where lying, cheating and scamming have been normalized, you can stand out by being principled and trustworthy.

Be clear

Take anything you have already written and cut it in half. Then mercilessly hunt down and remove any jargon or industry terminology. You are done when anyone, including those who know nothing about your product or service, get the message.

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