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Fish wearing sunglasses, an example of how social media advertising by Words at Work, a proven Toronto ad agency, with offices in Markham, offering social media marketing, copywriter services, web advertising, online advertising, video marketing and Facebook advertising.The first rule of social media advertising:
It needs to be cool -- and no hard sell, please.

Have you ever noticed how the typical Toronto advertising agency spends a lot of time talking about creating award-winning advertising? That's nice, but we learned long ago that our job isn't to create award-winning advertising. Our job is to create sales. Big difference.

So while the typical Toronto ad agency or marketing firm will obsess about the creative process and being true to their artistic principles, we focus on just one thing: how can we help our clients in Toronto, the GTA and across Canada generate more sales with the just right mix of Social Media and traditional media (most companies need both!).

This means we are laser focused on finding interesting ways to promote the benefits delivered by a product or service. Volumes of advertising research and billions of dollars in sales prove that this approach to advertising works best. Yet most advertising in Toronto (and everywhere else) does just the opposite.

It's all about the product or service and the company that supplies the product or service. This advertising is so common that many business owners assume, wrongly, that it's the right approach even though the advertising campaign results are almost always poor.

So why not see what we can do to make your next advertising campaign a winner? As we say in the advertising and marketing business, there is no cost or obligation and it just takes a click or a call (905-940-6610) to get started.

It's well worth the effort, especially when you consider that our ever growing list of clients includes other marketing agencies in Toronto who come to us (quietly) for help with their positioning and messaging.

Three ways to learn more about we could do for you

1. See examples of advertising that we have developed for other clients by visiting our advertising Gallery.

2. Get answers to some of the most common questions about advertising. (Is social media advertising right for my business? What is the difference between social media advertising and traditional media advertising? What is a reasonable budget for an advertising campaign?).

3. Take a moment to read our free advertising tips, FAQ page and Wolf Bites, the advertising blog by Wolfgang Franke, President and Creative Director of Words at Work Advertising and Marketing.

You may end up with an entirely new definition of advertising, some guidance on how to sort through the many advertising firms clamoring for your business and, most important, what constitutes the best advertising for your small business.

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Prices: less than you would expect.   Results: more than you can imagine

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