How to find the best copywriter in Toronto

By Wolfgang Franke, President & Creative Director, Words at Work Advertising & Marketing Inc. (and premier copywriter available for freelance copywriting assignments)

Not sure about the quality of the professional copywriting that is being served up to you by a marketing company, advertising agency or freelance copywriter? Read my top five tips on what to look for when you are hiring a writer – and take advantage of my invitation to show you something better at no cost or obligation.

  1. Copywriter tip for small business owners: Don't buy 'we' copywriting“We” copywriting is the most common mistake made in advertising. It’s so common that some people believe it has to be right. 

    But it’s not. “We” copywriting is a disaster because it focuses on what the customer doesn’t care about (product features, company history, Mission Statement) and ignores completely what the customer does care about the positive outcomes that are derived from a product or service. 

    It’s easy to pick out “we” advertising. Just count up the number of sentences that start with the word “we” or its close cousin (our).   Ask me about the remedy for “We” advertising” – “You” advertising.

  2. Copuwriter tip for small business companies: Demand copywriting that sounds natural.Take a look at the copy writing you are being given and ask this question:  does anyone talk like this?  If the answer is no, it’s time for a rewrite.  Why? 

    If the writing sounds unnatural, the reader is likely to assume that there is something unnatural about the company behind the words – and that could be enough to turn a prospect into a non-prospect. 

    See the difference between natural and unnatural writing by asking me to do a rewrite of an ad or web page.    

  3. If you are getting a print ad or content for a web page, it’s absolutely mandatory that you get a killer headline. Yet I continue to see countless ads with a “blind” headline, defined as a headline that gives the reader no clue about what is being promoted. 

    Copywriter tip for small business: Where is the headline?Why does this matter? If your ad has a blind headline or, worse still, no headline, readership drops by about 80%. Less readership means less response. And less response means less sales. 

    Look at the average website, including well-designed high-end web sites, and you see page after page with no headline or vapid, say-nothing headlines. Result:  readership drops like a stone. Worse still, you can expect to get fewer visitors because a web page with no headlines will get a lower page rank than a page with great headlines.   

    Have a Facebook ad, blog post or web page that is missing a headline?  Ask me to fill the gap.

  4.  Copywriter tip: Beware the teaser.In the typical teaser treatment, the copywriter provides no mention of your product or service until the very end of the advertisement. The rest of the ad is used up to present a “clever idea” cooked up by your agency. 

    Too bad the listener/reader/viewer will be able to remember the clever treatment, but won’t remember anything about your company.  

    Send me a copy of your teaser commercial and I will give you a better alternative.

  5. Take a look at something that has been written for you by a professional copywriter. 

    Copywriter tip: Original? Or just a copy?Now remove the reference to your company and replace it with the name of one of your competitors. Could the ad still work? 

    If the answer is yes, you have “me-too” copywriting that is, no pun intended, a copy of what the competition is doing. This is a disaster because it means the reader/viewer/listener will see no difference between you and your competitors, and that means the only thing they will care about is price.

    Send me a copy of your “me-too” ad and I will show you how to make it fresh and interesting.

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