What fee option is best for your small business?

Return on investment, the objective of every advertising campaign delivered by Words at Work, the best Toronto ad agency for any small business seeking improved social media advertising, Toronto copywriting, web advertising, facebook advertising and video script writing services.

Choose from three fee options created to suit any advertising and marketing budget. While each is different, they all have one thing in common: a singular focus on deliver Return On Investment (ROI) for our valued clients.

One other thing. Many of our clients came to us thinking advertising and marketing was a cost. Now they see it is an investment – and reap the benefits in the form of increased sales.

Project -- the best option when you need something done fast

If you have a specific need, this is the best option. We listen first. Then we ask questions: Who is the target? How will you prompt and measure response? Do you have research? How does this project support your advertising and marketing plan? We cover all this – and more. Then we deliver a finished product that puts the right message, in the right place, at the right price.

A little budgeting can go a long way

Think hundreds of dollars if you have a relatively simple, quick project, such as a one-page direct mail letter or press release. Ask for a free quote if you have a more involved project. You may discover you can actually afford the advertising and marketing you always wanted, or – at the very least – you will get a price you can compare with other quotes.

Just one word of caution: if you have only a few hundred dollars to invest in an ongoing advertising program, you will need to focus every dollar on media placements. Sure, it would be great to have some professional advice, but the hard truth is you just can't afford it.

Quick Start Package

This option is particularly attractive to small or emerging companies that have a wide range of needs and need help now. We start by defining your needs and then provide a package price that excludes what you like least about advertising agencies: open-ended estimates; being “on the meter”; big meetings, small results.

Retainer for ongoing marketing and advertising support

Many of our clients start as Project or Quick Start clients. Then they move up to a Retainer because they realize advertising and marketing is a process, not an event.

Continuing success depends on continuing investment in marketing and advertising. Moreover, the longer you invest, the more value you add to your brand. For example, take two identical companies. Company A advertises regularly, Company B does not. Initially, Company B shows better profit because it has “cut the cost” of marketing and advertising. But the gap closes year by year because Company A is attracting more customers, while Company B is, at best, holding on to its existing customers.

Then a third company enters the scene. It wants to acquire either Company A or Company B. It decides to acquire Company A. Why? Because Company A has earned more brand recognition (through regular advertising) and is hence more valuable. And you thought advertising was a cost. Smart companies understand advertising is an investment. And they never stop increasing that investment.

And finally…

By “downloading” responsibility for day-to-day advertising responsibilities, you have more time to spend on other critical areas of your business – that time saving and the resulting increase in the success of your business is by itself reason enough to retain Words at Work Advertising and Marketing.

Consulting and coaching on small business advertising and marketing

Need some input on your marketing plan? Want a second opinion on your existing advertising? Considering a new project, but not sure what to do first?

Buy some “consultation” time to get the answers you need. And don’t forget to ask for one of our most popular sessions – What do you do? Long before you can start any project, you need to be able to answer that simple, but all-important question.

If you – or your key staff – can’t answer the What do you do? question properly in 10 seconds, you are missing fabulous opportunities to catch new business. Even worse, your advertising will be equally unfocused and your sales staff will flounder when it is most important to be clear and concise.

Need an example? When we are asked – What do you do? -- we reply that we help our clients sell more goods and services. Takes about three seconds – and note we don’t even mention advertising. Instead, we focus on the benefit our advertising delivers.

We show you how to do the same in an eye-opening seminar at your office – or via conference call when necessary.

If you order just one service, make it this one.

Proven advertising and marketing results – delivered by project, outsourcing or retainer.
Prices: less than you would expect.   Results: more than you can imagine

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