What every small business owner needs to know about the pros and cons of social media

Learn why the first step in any successful social media program is not the selection of the platform. That comes later. You should also be prepared to learn that social media is not for every small business.

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Time to pick the right social media for your business

Social Media checklist

Many social media campaigns fail because the owner made the fatal error of choosing an option that they assume/hope will reach their target market. That is backwards. You need to start with your prospects. How old are they? What do they do? What do they look at daily? When are they shopping for services and products? When do they shop? The answers provide the information you need to choose the optimum social media options for your business.

Let's illustrate that by assuming you have a fashion product and want to target women over the age of 50 in your local market? Would you try LinkedIN or Facebook? LinkedIn links you to millions of women who fit the target, but are they looking for fashions on that social media platform? No. Facebook, in contrast, could be a perfect fit as it has the required targeting tools and is highly popular with women over the age of 50 (but was long abandoned by their daughters, who have now moved on to cooler social media options such as Instagram and Snapchat).

Learn more by reading our primer on the most popular social media options or, better still, ask us for a free introductory consultation. The coffee is on us.

To Facebook or not to Facebook, that is the question

Here is a quick way to tell whether your business should be on Facebook: Is what you do something people talk about at home or while having a coffee at the local java shop? For example, let's assume you have a law office and the areas of law you handle most involve corporate governance and association law.

Those subjects are not going to come up when friends talk. But other areas of law, such as wills and estates, divorce and separation or real estate law are hot button subjects for a lot of people and as such will get a lot of discussion and sharing on Social Media.

Next step: Ask us about the pros and cons of advertising on Facebook versus a Google ADwords campaign.

Considering Twitter? It helps if something is new every day

Do you have something new to tell your customers every day? Can it be communicated in a couple of hundred characters? If the answer is yes, Twitter is a great option as it makes it quick and simple to communicate information.

When Instagram and Pinterest are good options

If you sell something constantly changing products that have eye appeal (flowers, food, fashions), Instagram and Pinterest are ideal options because they make it so easy to post pictures that will attract eyeballs. Conversely, Instagram and Pinterest have little value if you deliver something that cannot be photographed.

For example, if you have an accounting firm, there is nothing to photograph and few, if any, people search for accounting services on those platforms.

Ask about our photo editing service, the quick, simple way to get quality images without going to the expense of hiring a professional photographer.

What about LinkedIn?

Among all the social media options, LinkedIn offers the most potential for businesses in the B2B category. That stands to reason because LinkedIn is not only home to some 400 million business professionals, but also offers some great tools to target exactly who you want to reach.

For example, it is possible to target by industry, company size, job title and geography. Best results are achieved if the campaign is executed by advertising professionals as the learning curve is steep – and working up that curve will cost you a lot of money. Bottom line: going the do-it-yourself route is often more expensive than hiring professional advertising help.

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