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You have questions about social media advertising and marketing. We have answers

Most people have questions about social media, either because they have never tried it before or their first effort failed. What about you? Do your eyes glaze over when we mention A/B testing, retweets, likes, reputation management, CTR, impressions, bidding and optimization. If the answer is yes, keep reading.

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How active are you on social media?

Participants on social media can be divided into the following groups:

  • No presence on social media and have no plans to change that
  • Some presence on social media, but are not active participants. Many have made just one or two postings months or even years ago and have done nothing since
  • Active participants in selected social media, but do not use social media advertising
  • Active participants in social media and advertise regularly on social media

What you probably do not know: many social media super stars (i.e millions of followers) attracted those followers initially with traditional media (television, radio, newspapers).

What social media platform is right for your business?

Billions of people use social media. Many more billions do not. Some people use social media – and nothing else – to research products and services. But an even bigger percentage never use social media in that way. Our job is to help you through the decision making process, which is more complicated than you might imagine because the available options go far beyond the best known platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Example #1: you run a mobile food service and need to tell your customers where you will be and what is on the menu. Try: Twitter. Ideal when you want and need to keep your messages short and sweet (and savory).

Example #2: you have a clothes boutique and need to regularly post pictures that show your followers the latest arrivals. Try Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, all of which make the posting of pictures simple, fast and easy.

Where do your customers hang out?

The goal of any media plan is to attract the most eyeballs at the least cost. So job one is to figure out what your customers look at every day, which varies widely depending on multiple factors: location, gender, age, heritage, income.

Your customers probably watch some TV, but do they actually watch or even notice the commercials? Or are they watching commercial-free cable TV? How about the millions of people who spend hours in their cars daily? They could hear your commercial then, but how many of those listeners are actually customers and, more important, how much is it costing to reach those targets? What about the newspaper? It has all the same challenges as radio.

Is your head already spinning? Wait there is more. The line between traditional media (radio, TV, newspapers) and online media is blurring. For example, Facebook users can now watch a "TV" broadcast of a major league baseball game.

What you need to know: most small business owners do not have the time and expertise required to choose the right social media for their business, let alone execute the campaign. There are some handy automation tools that make it easier to populate multiple social media platforms, but they come with a monthly fee.

Do you have time for one-on-one marketing?

Social media is just the reverse of mass media. Instead of sending one message to thousands or even millions, social media allows you to communicate one-on-one. But do you have the time to leverage this marketing advantage? Even more important, do you know what messages to send and when? That's where we come in.

What you need to know: Social media allows/encourages two-way conversation. That can be a good thing in multiple ways, but it also means you need to give up something many companies are not willing to give up: control.

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