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How much do you really know about social media advertising and marketing?

Put your knowledge of social media marketing to the test by taking the following quiz. Don't be surprised if the answers explode some of the long held myths you have held about the pros and cons of social media advertising for small business.

Click questions to reveal answers.

True or false. Facebook is used almost exclusively by girls under the age of 18.

False. Young girls under the age of 18 have moved on to other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat – and been replaced by their mothers!

True or false. Advertising on social media platforms is different than advertising on traditional media platforms (newspaper, radio, TV, outdoor).

True. While advertising on traditional media is about "selling", advertising on social media is about the three "Es" – educate, engage, entertainment. Even a hint of a hard sell will turn off social media visitors.

True or false. After Google, the most popular search engine is Facebook.

False. The second most popular search engine is YouTube.

What is more popular – Instagram or LinkedIn.


What is the most commonly used social media platform? Facebook or Twitter.

Facebook, with almost three times as many users as Twitter.

What demo is more likely to use Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter – 18-24 or 24-30.


What percentage of 18-24 adults use social media? 25%, 50%, 75%, More than 75%.

More than 75%.

What demographic is most likely to use LinkedIn? People with a high school education or people with a university degree.

People with a university degree.

How many different social media platforms does the average social media user visit regularly – One, two, three, four, five.


Is Pinterest more popular with men or women?

Women, by a long shot.

What social media platform is visited most often daily?

Facebook, with three of four users saying they visit the site daily.

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