20 reasons why it pays to invest in professional advertising and marketing services

Look out! 20 reasons why it pays to advertise

Idea starters.

  1. Create awareness – no awareness, no sale.
  2. More placements mean more profits. Don’t be a non-profit organization.
  3. Keep your customers sold on you. Guess who your competitors’ best prospects are?
  4. Support your unique selling point. It makes the cash register ring.
  5. Promote secondary products. Then your customers can enjoy one-stop shopping.
  6. Introduce new products. But do your homework first.
  7. Announce changes. Or let the rumor mill run wild.
  8. Stimulate the use of new techniques. New techniques, new customers.
  9. Support your sales team. Repeat in print what your sales team says – and vice versa.
  10. Generate telephone, fax and email inquiries. Real buyers demand immediate action.
  11. Stay visible! More than 70% of all sales are initiated by the buyer.
  12. Attract better employees – before your competitor gets them.
  13. Counter economic downturns. Why go with the flow? Be a salmon, swim upstream.
  14. Test your market. Cut down on failures and job turnover.
  15. Show leadership. Like dog teams, the view is better from the front.
  16. Reach new buyers. Buying teams are constantly changing.
  17. Define how you will be compared. Make the competition fight your strength, not weaknesses.
  18. Energize your staff. Seeing the company name in print is a great morale booster.
  19. Attract new distributors. Nothing makes the old ones work harder.
  20. Attract investors. They see your ads, too.

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