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How to make a trade show flyer must reading

While there are no guarantees in advertising, we are pretty darn sure that our trade show flyer for Canadian HR Press – The CHRP Enquirer – will be noticed and read. Congratulations to our client, Bob Delaney, for giving us the green light to execute the gossip sheet theme.

He is excited about handing it out at the trade show. Are you excited about your trade show collateral? If not, maybe you should contact us...

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Flyer for trade show written by Toronto copywriter Wolfgang Franke, who specializes in trade show marketing for small business, including social media advertising and social media marketing. Brochure for trade show by Words at Work, the best Toronto advertising agency with a copywriter for trade show marketing, including online advertising, Facebook advertising and video content marketing and script writing
Trade Show Flyer


How an eye-catching design helps you stand out in a crowd

This trade show sign elegantly provided a clear promise of benefit for customers of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, a Toronto-based software company that specializes in providing software solutions for homebuilders. Too bad so many companies spend huge dollars on trade show booths that have no message, but plenty of glitz graphics and photos with no stopping power.

Stand-Up Banner by Toronto ad agency copywriter Wolfgang Franke, the best provider of copywriting for small business advertising in Toronto, including web marketing and online advertising.
Stand-Up Banner

Big Idea, Little Budget

Want proof that we can handle your trade show marketing? Start by asking about the hot idea we developed for a heater manufacturer. It was so good visitors noticed it even before they saw the booth. It featured the customer's product and cost the grand total of $33.27 to execute. That's right. The total budget was $33.27

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