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Chances are you already have a web site. Unfortunately, it's probably also true that you are merely on the web and are doing some form of online marketing, as opposed to actually leveraging the web to enhance the value of your business. 

Equally important, are you supporting your web site with other online media, such as Google adwords, an attractive option for many organizations. You probably know about the lead generation potential, but that's just the start. For example, a Google campaign can provide important marketing intelligence that allows you to reverse engineer your web site. 

What does that mean? Call us (905-940-6610) to get the answer – and more information on how to use Google to test market concepts, evaluate the potential of a new market for as little as $100, and much, much more.  

How about email marketing? It's attractive on a number of levels, provided it is written by a professional copywriter, does not involve spamming your prospects and the message is of genuine interest (and value) to the target market. 

Where do you stand now in terms of web or online marketing? Does the graphic design and copywriting on your website:

  • generate a constant stream of leads and sales
  • make it easier for existing customers to do business with you
  • reduce your cost of doing business
  • work on all devices (dynamic design)

One other thing: keep in mind that there are two parts to most web projects. Part one is developing the content or adapting your existing content for the web; part two is the actual construction of the site. Most of the special price packages you see everyday are for construction only. However, on the web, content is king. It comes first, then you build the web site. We ensure you have the right content and the right site construction.

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