What if your law firm marketing was handled by an ad agency that generates thousands of new client inquiries for lawyers across Canada?

Questions asked by lawyers about law firm marketing, legal marketing, legal web design, law firm website design and law firm marketing strategies
Admit it. When it comes to
law websites, you have more questions than answers about
what it takes to make your law firm marketing best in class.

Chances are you are reading this page because you are not satisfied to have just another website for a law firm.  You want a great lawyer website. 

So let’s start by summarizing what services you need to build a law firm website that is a new business development machine:

  • A proven ability to create custom web content that intrigues the reader and generates response.  Don’t settle for vague promises, such as “improved design” or “more effective presentation of your brand.” 
  • A skilled, experienced copywriter with extensive law firm marketing experience – something you won’t find in a Search Engine Optimization company, despite what they claim in their advertising.   You can tell whether your website needs a rewrite if it is full of say-nothing headlines such as “Welcome”.
  • A laser-like focus on the client and what the client stands to gain by engaging your firm. Most law firm websites do just the opposite – they focus entirely on the lawyers.  Lawyer websites with this weakness are easy to pick out.  Just look for headlines like this: Our lawyers are the best.

Still not sure? Look at what one of our most successful law firm clients, Healey Law, has to say about our marketing strategies for lawyers:

"When I originally hired Wolfgang Franke of Words at Work Advertising & Marketing to develop the creative concept, marketing strategy and web content for my law firm website, I had good expectations, but I never imagined that our law firm, Healey Law, would get new client inquiries daily. At times, we get three or four a day from our website, about a hundred a month and close to a thousand a year. It's like I have a business development machine that operates on automatic 24/7. The results have been transformative. Our law office has expanded and we just hired two new Associates. That's the ultimate proof of performance. It also shows what's possible when you hire a proven law firm business development expert. I look forward to continuing my business relationship with Words at Work, which I am convinced will help us build on our success." -- Jonathan Healey, Principal, Healey Law, Jan, 2018.

Why a small law firm website can also be a
great lawyer website

Two-Faced. Best law firm website design, copywriting & legal online internet marketing
You would smile, too, if your
law firm website was getting a thousand plus new
client inquiries annually.

You don’t need a large law firm website to stand out from the rest, especially since so many websites for lawyers are pretty much the same. 

For example, check out a personal injury website and you will see, usually in a large font, the same old promises – “you don’t pay unless we win”; “no upfront fees”; “we’re here to help”.  Blah, blah, blah…

If every legal firm is employing the same online, internet marketing strategy, the prospective client assumes that every law firm is the same.  There is no value in choosing one firm over the other. 

They are commodities and that means the prospective buyer will focus on just one thing:  how much?  That’s not a good starting point. Your website and online marketing should be as unique as a finger print. 

Don’t settle for less. Contact us today by phone (905-940-6610) or online for a free, no-obligation assessment of your existing website.

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  4. Why the best law firm marketing strategy for lawyer website design is not what you think.
  5. Why the photography in your website depresses response.
  6. Is every page of your website missing one of the most important drivers of readership and page rank?

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