The many benefits of hiring a legal copywriter
who has real life experience with
a significant personal injury tort claim

Wolfgang Franke, President & Creative Director, Words at Work Advertising & Marketing Inc.
By Wolfgang Franke
President & Creative Director
Words at Work Advertising & Marketing Inc.

A lot of copywriters claim to have experience writing content for law firm websites. Then there is me. 

Yes, I have created, from start to finish, law firm websites that have shot to page one and made the phone ring. 

Put simply, I know how to create websites that generate response, which is far more important than simply optimizing your website (the claim of success made by your typical search engine optimization, SEO, company). 

But what exactly are you getting when you hire me to create your legal website?  Start with over a quarter century of advertising and marketing expertise. Then add a BA in Journalism – handy if you are expected to deliver professional copywriting.  And wrap up with the perfect finishing touch:  personal experience with a major personal injury Tort case.

Anyone can write about law firms
I write about what clients want
from law firms

It took the better part of two years and in that time I had a unique opportunity to see how a lawyer services a client and, equally important, how the client views the lawyer

That’s important because the problem with most law firm websites is that they are written from the viewpoint of the firm’s principles. Let me repeat that: the problem with most law firm websites is that the design and copywriting is created to suit the expectations of the lawyers who work in the firm. That’s a big mistake because websites work best when they are developed to suit the needs and expectations of the people who visit that website.

Here’s one more way to see this issue: lawyers are fond of saying that someone who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client.  And they are right.  But the same applies for legal websites, a task that should be left to a law firm marketing professional, which is where I come in. I have worked with multiple legal firms and created winning web content for many areas of law, including personal injury, criminal law, family law, real estate law, and wills and estate law. 

Want proof our law firm marketing strategies work?
Just ask for it

Graphic presenting the idea of going Against the Flow, a key law firm marketing strategy promoted by Words at Work, a specialist in legal web desing, law firm website makeover, law firm website design and custom lawyer websites.
Expect outstanding results if
your law firm website
does not make the usual law firm marketing mistakes.

The choice is simple. You can have a website that repeats all the usual law firm marketing mistakes, which means it will be all about the firm and the lawyers who work at the firm.

Or you can give me a call and discover what happens when your website is all about the client. It makes a difference. And it works. I know because I have executed this strategy and measured the results to confirm that it works.

So why settle for less? Give me a call (905-940-6610; 1-877-940-6610) or contact us online for the proverbial no cost, no obligation introductory consultation. 

PS:  Ask about the simple formula we created to quantify the effectiveness of the actual wording in a website.  It removes all opinions, delivers a mathematical result which is beyond dispute – and this is the only place where you will find it.

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