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For years, clients have asked for a media option that reduces the cost of advertising, has no upfront cost, makes advertising in any market possible for even the smallest company and has totally measureable results.

That's exactly what you get with a Google campaign (and Social Media advertising platforms). In fact, you get much more, which helps explain why Google measures its profits in billions of dollars.

Let's start by explaining what a Google campaign produces – and how it is different than the search result produced by your web site. Let's assume your company delivers lawn care and your target market is Toronto. You have a web site, but you notice that your site does not turn up when you do a test search on a key search term (Ask us how to fix this). Worse, you notice that all your competitors do show up. See "Before search result" to view how this might look.

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Before Google Adwords search result, presented by Words at Work, the best Toronto advertising agency with a copywriter specializing in small business marketing and advertising, including social media advertising and marketing        After Google Adwords search result, presented by Words at Work, among the ad agencies in Toronto with the best copywriter for small business marketing and advertising, including social media marketing, web advertising and video script writing.
Before search result        After search result

You then invest in a Google campaign and instantly start appearing in the search results. See "After search result" for an example of how this might look. Look interesting? Great. But don't trust a Google campaign to just anyone. It takes a special mix of language, marketing skills and advertising skills to do a Google campaign, plus an understanding of the not-so-simple bidding adwords process.

For example, we just did an audit of an existing Google campaign for a client that was spending just over a $1000 a month on Google advertising. The campaign was producing some results, but it was only operating at a fraction of the potential lead generation and the ranking results were very disappointing.

Additionally, the target market (Ontario) was completely wrong and the daily budget was too low, which meant the campaign reached its budget limit in the late afternoon and was then turned off – a disaster because the big market potential was in the evening, when homeowners would be searching for the service offered by this client.

Worse still, the bidding strategy was lazy – virtually every key word had the same bid, a huge mistake because it meant the bidding was too low for the most important search terms – and too high for less important search terms. Finally, the wording of the Google ad did not stand out and there was no A-B testing, one of the best options with Google ADWords advertising. We addressed all these issues – and more – and within days the ad response was improved by 75%.

Why Google Adwords advertising is different (and usually better) than print advertising

You also need to understand that Google advertising is a live process – and hence requires ongoing monitoring and tweaking. For example, on one day you could have a top ranking on a key search term – the next day you could be second, third – or worse because the competition became more aggressive or perhaps some new participants came in to the market.

One other thing – if you ever thought you could not afford to advertise outside of your immediate market, think again. You can reach right across Canada, select individual provinces, or head south and target a U.S. state. You can even pick a custom target, such as the west side of the GTA or U.S. border cities in New York.

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