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Q & A - Toronto website copywriting by top web content writer
You have questions about when and why to use an expert website content writer? We have answers.

Chances are you already have something in writing about your company. It may be something that you wrote yourself (most common) or it could be something a professional copywriter developed for some purpose other than the web.

Now you are wondering whether you can simply import this content into your web site.

Before you make a decision, have a look at what happened when we were asked to rewrite for the web some content that was developed internally by the client. Note that for privacy reasons we have removed any specific references to the company name and employees of the company.

  • Before (what the client supplied)
  • After (content we produced for the client's website)

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PS: Don't go to a web optimization company for web content. Web optimizers know how to talk to search engines. They don't know how to talk to customers.

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