The dirty, little secrets of SEO web optimization companies and SEO "writers"

You have questions about SEO writing, website optimization companies and web site content writing.

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Is it reasonable to pay thousands of dollars a year for search engine optimization services and web site content writing by an SEO writer?


No. For all but a small minority of companies and organizations, this is a classic example of over kill. For example, let's say your company does structural engineering. There are not a lot of competitors in this category and even fewer still who have hired an SEO company and employed any significant degree of web optimization.

That means it will take less effort and time to improve the ranking of this website, and charging thousands of dollars for this service is ridiculous.

On the other hand, if your business is debt consolidation, the web optimization process is going to be much more difficult and lengthy because there are many competitors and a select few have highly optimized websites.


Do SEO writers do the same thing as a copy writer?


Absolutely not. An SEO writer is trained to develop website content that will attract search engines, a copywriter is trained to attract customers.

The typical SEO writer has no copywriting training, the typical copy writer has little or no SEO training. Choose Words at Work and you get both for a single price that is a fraction of what you would pay to hire a website content writer and a professional freelance copywriter.


Why pay an online copy writer to do web copy writing when I saw on TV that I can get a website for free and that it will be optimized to attract search engines?


Apply common sense. How can SEO companies or web copy writers make money by giving away their services for free?

They can't – and they don't. Here is what your "free" offer really offers: no upfront cost (you will like that), monthly fees every month thereafter (you will not like that) and extra fees for even basic additions to your website (you will like that even less).

You also need to know that it is your responsibility to provide the web content. And here is the big show stopper: you don't own your website, the website development company owns your website and has the right to pull it off the web if you don't make your monthly payment.


What does it really mean when a company promises to make me #1 on Google?


This is a classic bait-and-switch tactic by disreputable SEO companies and unethical SEO copywriters. Being #1 on Google means your ad on Google AdWords appears on the top of page one.

Anyone with a basic understanding of how Google AdWords works can make this happen if you have sufficient budget. It is much harder to have your website rank as number one on page one. This is known technically as an "organic" search result.

See where you rank organically by doing a search with popular keywords related to your business and seeing where your website shows up. If you can't find it on page one or page two, you need some web optimization help.


Why do I have to pay for ongoing SEO services?


You need to think of the web as a live entity that is constantly changing as companies leave and enter the worldwide web and/or change their web content and website content strategies.

This means for an important search term you could rank #8 on page one today and drop to #3 on page two a week later. With a little bit of research it is possible to identify what changed and what needs to be done to improve your ranking.


What does it mean when a company promises to link hundreds – or even thousands – of websites to my website?


Another popular web optimization scam aimed at people who have minimal knowledge of web marketing and SEO and have heard that website ranking is influenced by the number of inbound links (other websites that link to your web site).

This is true, but the linking websites need to have content that is related to your website. So if you have a shoe company in Toronto it doesn't help much if a cement company in Chicago links to your website. Beware any web optimization company that says it can get you thousands of inbound links.

They are gaming the system and the major search engines, particularly Google, take a very dim view of this Black Hat technique or any other Black Hat web trickery.


How long does it take to get a page one ranking?


It depends on the number of competitors, the level of web optimization employed by the top ranking websites and whether your question relates to not only trophy keywords (used a lot and appear in many websites) but also the hidden gems (less popular key words that don't appear in many web sites).

You also need to know that you may have page one ranking on one search term, but not even show up on another key search term.

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