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Image of empty office, a metaphor for a website with poor copywriting by an inferiro copywriter, presented by Words at Work, the best Toronto ad agency specializing in small business advertising and web advertising.
Driving traffic to a web site with poor web copywriting and website content strategies is like inviting someone to visit a semi-finished office.
What's the point?

Web site content writing is the weak link in most web sites – and that includes web sites that have gone through search engine optimization (SEO).

Why? Having great SEO content writing is virtually worthless if it attracts visitors to a web site that doesn’t have the right messaging and imagery.

We could tell you why the copywriting content for web sites is important, but it’s more fun – and educational – to give you a test that reveals the difference between an amateur web content writer and web site copywriting that works.

What if you hired a leading web advertising
specialist who knows how to attract
web visitors, increase leads, and generate sales
with proven website copywriting?

Following are four headlines to promote a flower shop. Rate each version, with 1 being the highest ranking and 4 being the lowest ranking. Then click the answers button to see how you did.

  • A steal of a deal
  • Fresh roses from our flower shop to your door in 24 hours
  • We’ll leave you smelling like roses
  • Savings are in bloom
  Click here to view the ANSWERS

Sample our service with free SEO and website
copy writing of a page on your website

Now have a look at your website copy writing. Pick any page. How would you rank the SEO content writing in your headlines, or worse, do you even have any headlines? Would you read a newspaper if it had no headlines or say-nothing headlines? Absolutely not. Moreover, having no headlines or weak headlines means you are missing a fundamental step of web site optimization.

One last thing about search engine optimization content writing, website content writers and web site copywriting. The typical SEO writer is not paid to create web content for your website. His or her job is to optimize your existing web content in the hope that this will improve the ranking of your website and that will translate into more traffic. This may or may not happen.

Be forewarned that Search Engine Optimization never happens overnight – and you better be prepared to pay fat SEO monthly fees that are very likely going to give you a bad case of sticker shock. Worse still, not much will change if your web content remains largely unchanged. This is why so many companies are disappointed by the work of website optimizers – and why we are constantly called by a wide range of organizations, including some other marketing and advertising companies, to fill the web content gap.

Remember. We can help whether you need a website content writer to develop new web content for an existing website or entirely new website content strategies and new web site content writing crafted by a leading website copywriter.

Get started today by asking for free web site copywriting and SEO optimization of an existing page on your web site, read our web content FAQ or contact us online or by phone (905-940-6610) to request free website copywriting tips.

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