Happy small business owner looking at his new website, developed by Words at Work, the best Toronto advertising agency for small business owners who need web advertising and online advertising help
What if you had a "WoW" website that helped drive inquiries, sales and profit?

Are you brave enough to take our Do You Need a Website Update Challenge?

Not so sure whether your website needs a redesign and rewrite, based on proven web advertising strategies?

Take our Do You Need a Website Update Challenge.

It's quick and simple to complete – and you will get a grading that indicates your degree of need.

  Yes No Your website was designed and assembled by a professional online advertising company with the proven ability to apply breakthrough web advertising strategies.
  Yes No The content in your website was developed by a professional copywriter.
  Yes No The top selling points of your business are immediately apparent on your home page and repeated throughout your website.
  Yes No Your website regularly generates inquiries that translate into sales.
  Yes No You know what search terms are most attractive for your business, defined as search terms that are used often but don't appear often in your competitor's web sites.
  Yes No You get regular reports on the traffic attracted by your website, including key metrics such as the geographic location of visitors, how many pages are viewed on average, how long visitors stay on your website, and what pages are most popular.
  Yes No Photography is used extensively throughout your website.
  Yes No You have a Content Management System and regularly update your web content.
  Yes No Your current website features headlines that are informative and offer a clear promise of benefit and/or specific examples of what separates your product or service from competing products and services.
  Yes No You have a Contact Us page that invites a person to provide information on their business and area of interest.
  Yes No The content of your website includes How-to tips that a visitor can immediately implement to save time or money.
  Yes No The design and copywriting of your website was developed to differentiate your business from the design and copy writing in the websites of your top competitors.

How did your website rank?

0-2 "No" answers You probably have a good website, but feel free to contact us for a second opinion.
3-6 "No" answers Your website is well below what it could be – but the fix is not difficult.
7-10 "No" answers Big trouble. Call us. Today.
11-12 "No" answers –  Not good. But you would be surprised by the number of companies that get a similar ranking. The good news is that there is plenty of opportunity to improve – and we are just the people to complete the fix.

Proven advertising and marketing results – delivered by project, outsourcing or retainer.
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