Dirty, ugly web advertising secret #1– Web optimization does not equal sales optimization

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Chances are you get a few calls every month from companies promising to “optimize your web site”, “improve your web ranking” or “make you number one on Google”.

It’s also likely you don’t understand any of this and are therefore prone to making some big mistakes. After all, what do you really know about "web optimization" and how much it costs? Should it be $500 a month? A thousand dollars a month? And exactly what do you get?

Here is what you need to know. Web optimization does not equal sales optimization. Your web site could be optimized and do almost nothing for your sales.

Why? Because web optimizers are not marketers. That’s worth repeating. Web optimizers are not marketers. So, yes, they may get traffic to your web pages, but they have no clue what needs to be on that web page. That’s the work of marketers who spend their whole lives working out ways to draw response and close a sale.

To generate a sales lead, you need to know not only how to attract search engines, but also how to attract customers.

You can find web optimizers.

You can also find marketers.

If you want both in a single affordable budget, contact us.

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