Dirty, ugly web advertising secret #2 – Being #1 on Google can be a waste of time and money

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It’s much easier than you think to have a display ad that ranks #1 on Google. But the truth is you don’t have to be #1 and the expense required to make you #1 may be a complete waste of money.

You do want to be above the fold (Don’t know what that means? Contact us to get the answer) and you would like your “organic” ranking to be above the fold (Don’t know what “organic” means? You need help fast). But none of this is important if your Google AdWords campaign misses the mark.

How can you tell if your Google campaign needs a tune up? Easy. It will look a lot like the competing Google ads. That is a disaster because the prospect has no reason to pick your ad. And if they don’t pick your ad, what’s the point of being #1?

The big problem here, once again, is that being #1 on Google is only part of the exercise. What you need is a high ranking (above the fold) and an ad that gives the prospect a strong, compelling reason to choose your ad. Having a great ad also means you will attract better prospects at less cost because there will be a corresponding decrease in costly “fake” clicks that have no chance of turning into a sales lead.

Test: did you notice that we spelled Google AdWords two different ways. One spelling was Google AdWords, the other one was Google Ad Words. This is no accident. You might even see us use this spelling – Google add words. It’s part of the word game that is at the heart of any successful pay per click program.

Contact us to learn more – and remember to ask us about the importance of driving traffic to the right page and the proprietary approach to Google AdWords buys we use to super charge response.

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