When window and door websites fail to
impress the consumer

Signpost with questions, presented to highlight that owners of windows and doors companies have questions about the best way to market a small business, the specialty of Toronto advertising agency Words at Work.
Audit the existing headlines in your windows and doors website by seeing whether they include any of the readership boosting words in the above photo. (Note our headline includes the word "When")

Imagine you are looking at a print ad for an Apple iPhone and the headline is “About Apple iPhones.” 

Would you be interested?  Not likely, mainly because the headline says nothing.  Yet this is exactly what you find when you look at the typical website for a window and door manufacturer and supplier.  For example, the “About” page for Delco Windows has this say-nothing headline:  About Delco windows and doors.  This is a disaster for two reasons:

  •  Readership is driven in large part by the quality of the headline.  A great headline means increased readership and increased readership translates into increased response and sales.  A bad headline delivers just the opposite.
  •  The consumer assumes there is nothing special about your product.  It is a commodity and that means they care about only one thing: price. Do you really want this customer?

Why you need a copywriter who knows how to write an attention grabbing headline

Still not convinced that headlines are important?  Imagine reading a newspaper or magazine that had no headlines.  Would you read that publication?  More specifically, would you know where to start or what to read?  The answer to both questions is “no”.  Publications without headlines would experience a huge drop in readership and in short order would go out of business. 

Let’s look at another example.  This one is from GTA Windows and Doors, a website with an above-average amount of information (very good), but very poor headlines.  For example, here is the headline for the web page on Casement Windows – Replacement Vinyl Casement Window.  This say-nothing headline gives the consumer no reason to read the page or (more important) buy the product.  Yet when you dig into the text, you discover that there are some very good reasons to buy this product, including improved ventilation, unobstructed view and easy adjustment.  These benefits and others are “buried” deep in the page, where most readers will not find them. We can even quantify the problem by looking at the relative pulling power of a web page with and without a compelling headline:

With a compelling headline

  • 100 people (including 10 ready to buy customers) read a sales oriented web page that has a compelling headline
  • 80 of the people read all or more of the page
  • 8 decide to purchase

Without a compelling headline

  • 100 people (including 10 ready to buy customers) read a sales oriented web page that has no headline
  • 90 just glance at the page or ignore it entirely
  • 10 are curious enough to read the entire page
  • 1 decides to make the purchase

What makes a great headline?  There are about ten headline constructs that can be applied to any web page, print ad or magazine article.  The headline for this web page is an example of the Question Construct, one of the most effective in terms of driving up readership.

One last thing.  Don’t assume your average web optimization company knows how to write a headline that will impress a consumer.  They don’t have that skill set.  They do know how to write a headline that will impress a search engine, but consumers are not machines.  They are people and only a skilled advertising copywriter knows how to get their attention.

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