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Rising columns of coins, representing results often deliver by Toronto ad agency Words at Work, among the best advertising agencies in Toronto for social media advertising, social media marketing, Toronto copywriter services, web advertising and Facebook advertising.

Why settle for the vague promises of results by the average Toronto ad agency when we can show you real-life examples of the new business opportunities we create every day for our valued advertising and marketing clients across Canada.

See what's possible by reviewing just a few of the recent submissions we generated for clients in five different market segments. All are presented exactly as they were submitted, with no editing other than deletions made to protect the privacy of the author.

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Law firm

"Recently separated from my common law spouse and need assistance with child support and custody agreements."

"My friend needs to get a will, personal directive, and power of attorney."

"I am selling my condo. Could you give me some advice and what do I need to be done with this."

"My wife and I have agreed to divorce. I want more info about separation agreement, custody and support payment."

"I am in the process of purchasing a home. Please let me know the total legal fees for this transaction."

"Looking to separate. No kids. Just wondering how things would be divided."

"Am separating from my common law spouse and am seeking advice on the steps I should take."

"Am looking for a real estate lawyer to purchase a lot of land. I will be submitting an offer I am wondering what your rates are."


"We are starting a new line of import from China and Middle East, I am searching for a customs broker for the customs clearance matters. I also need to discuss the customs expenses and any other expenses from Canadian border to our warehouse. I would appreciate your assistance."

"I'm planning to set a company in BC same as the one I have in Mexico and I'm looking for information about the process of importing goods (housewares mainly) and the cost of doing that so please tell me the support you can give me to my company."

"Need custom broker service for cross border shipments from Canada to USA and sometime USA to Canada. We are planning to use LTL shipment from our warehouse in Vancouver, BC to West coast and Midwest USA."

"I am an Amazon FBA seller and need pickup from factory, shipment to Canada, and delivery to warehouse."

Limo rental

"I was wondering if I could get a quote for a limo for my wedding. I would also like to book two smaller cars for both the parents of the bride and parents of the groom."

"Hi there, my company is looking to find a limo that holds 8 people for our event."

"Hello I am inquiring about the price of your limo buses/party buses. We are 16-19 people. Approx. 5 hours of your service. Please let me know."

Medical services

"I would like a consultation about my chances to improve my bags under my eyes."

"I need a surgeon to do an eyelid revisions from a previous Asian Blepharoplasty."

"I am interested in blepharoplasty procedure."

"I have had eye bags my whole life. Looking to set up an appointment to see if I'm a good candidate."


"Looking for estimate on renovating 25'x23' detached garage. Structure is in poor condition. Current plan is to transform half into a pergola while restoring the other half. Needs extensive structural work and roofing."

Mini WolfBites 5

Before you approve that ad with a clever headline based on a colloquial phrase understood by English-speaking customers, remember that close to half of your prospects won't understand the phrase because English is their second language – or they don't speak English at all.

You probably think a marketing plan describes what you know. It does, but it is equally important to identify what you don't know.

Being on the internet – and being found on the internet – are two very different things.

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