Revealed: The dishonesty behind claims
to make you number one on a search engine

It's a proven fact that there is value in being "#1 on a search engine". But what does that really mean? And what is dishonest about many claims to deliver this coveted position?

First, you need to understand the difference between an "organic search result" and a "paid search result" generated by pay-per-click programs offered by Google, Facebook or Twitter. An organic search result is based on a wide variety of factors and it is virtually impossible to instantly make you #1 on a search engine. Effective web optimization can improve your ranking over time, which is important since about 75% of web searchers won't look beyond page one results.

So how is it that some companies continue to claim that they can make you #1? What they are actually promising is to make you #1 on pay-per-click, or paid placements. These are the little ads that appear above and to the left of organic search results.

Screen cap of web search result, presented by Words at Work, a leading Toronto ad agency specializing in small business marketing and advertising,including facebook advertising and social media marketing.Screen cap of Google search result to demonstrate the difference between a paid placement and search result created organically with effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Click image for larger view -- and remember to ask us about the increasing importance of Voice Search.

For example, when we did a test search for "dog trainer Toronto", we got a search result that showed "" was ranked #1 on pay per click and was #1 organically. It is possible to become, virtually over night, #1 on pay per click. It's just a matter of outbidding

However, overcoming the organic position of would not be easy and it could not happen over night, especially if you were starting from a weak position. Moreover, you have to understand that the web is not a static thing, it is an organic thing that is constantly changing as new content is submitted in a variety of formats, not just formal websites, and that means that the organic ranking of a website can change from week to week and even from day to day.

Search Engine Optimization is a process, not an event

Finally, many companies come to us with a very weak or non-existent ranking or perhaps they are interested in launching a new web site. Even with the most sophisticated web optimization, these companies can't jump instantly to page one, and "web optimizers" who make this claim are not being honest. It is possible to improve a website's organic ranking, but this is a process, not an event. You may start out on page 5 or 6 and then move up. You cannot jump instantly to page one.

You should also know more about the increasing importance of Voice Search. Get started by contacting us to request a free introductory consultation with Small Business Marketing Guru Wolfgang Franke.

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