President & Creative Director
Wolfgang Franke

Just under 40 years ago, a shy and very naïve Wolfgang Franke walked out of Ryerson Polytechncial Institute with a shiny, new BA in Journalism. What happened between then and now is – well – different.

Start with a skill-building stint in corporate public relations. Then add in several skill-expanding years as a copywriter for a national advertising agency, followed immediately by the ultimate challenge: the founding of Words at Work Advertising and Marketing in 1988.

Along the way, he worked on all the usual marketing and advertising stuff (see our Gallery), plus some assignments that were – well – different. Take the time he crawled around the face of a nuclear reactor (no, it was not on), an example of his hands-on approach to research.

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As Featured On EzineArticles, where Toronto copywriter Wolfgang Franke has made several article submissions when he is not busy helping small business clients with social media advertising, social media marketing, video marketing, web advertising  and Facebook advertising.     Follow me on in LinkedIn

Put it all together and you have a seasoned advertising and marketing professional with a singular focus on creating programs that drive sales. Check the track record and you will find some very impressive results (fancy talk for sales went up – way up). And all it took to get started was just three little words: “Let’s ask Wolfgang.”

Moonlighting as a magazine writer   (Click to reveal content)

When time permits, I work as a magazine writer, which represents a return to my roots in journalism (Ryerson, BA Journalism). Most recently, I wrote profiles on two members of the Cedar Brae Golf Club: Bob Leeder and Roger Keeley. The latter regrettably includes a few silly typos that should have been corrected before it went to press. I also did the photography for the Keeley profile.

VP Client Services – Debra Franke   (Click to reveal content)

Debra has more than 35 years of professional experience.  She held senior HR positions with Gulf Canada and over the last 20 years has played an instrumental role in the growth and success of Words at Work Advertising & Marketing. 

Day to day, she is involved in all creative services, including concept development, copywriting and graphic design.  Her other responsibilities include:

  • Copywriting
  • New business acquisition
  • Market research
  • A variety of search engine optimization support services, including research, execution and monitoring of client programs
  • Management of our Director of Security (see below)
  • Purchasing and administration

Debra also ensures that a woman’s perspective is taken into account during the creative process  – just one more reason why Words at Work is the right choice for anyone who wants to serve the world’s most under served market: +40 women with real bodies and from all ethnic backgrounds –  not white, pencil-thin, re-touched, twenty-something models. 

Director of Security– Bentley Franke   (Click to reveal content)

Flash – New Appointment

Bentley, family dog and director of Security for Words at Work, a Toronto advertising agency specializing in small business marketing and advertising, including social media advertising, web advertising and copywriter assignments from other marketing and advertising agencies.Words at Work is pleased to announce the appointment of Bentley Franke as our new Director of Security, reporting to Debra Franke, Vice President of Client Service.

In this new position, Bentley will be responsible for patrolling the Words at Work Campus and chasing off any rabbits and raccoons (not the big ones) or any other intruders of the two legged or four legged variety, including, but not limited to, door-to-door sales people, politicians and religious zealots with bad hair cuts. This is an interim appointment, subject to Bentley meeting certain conditions, including, but not limited to, ending the following activities:

  • chewing any and all footwear
  • leaping, jumping, galloping or otherwise being goofy while on "patrol"
  • barking like a maniac when the company owners are sleeping
  • trying to avoid spending the night in his guard house (kennel) by running into the family room and digging himself as deep as possible into the cushions
  • playing half-way fetch, meaning he will run for stuff -- he just won't give the stuff back!

Bentley, family dog who also doubles as security chief for Toronto advertising agency Words at Work, with offices in Markham offering social media advertising, social media marketing and Toronto copywriting services & BrotherAs part of our ongoing commitment to the professional development of all Words at Work staff, we have enrolled Bentley in an executive training program (actually it's Level Two Puppy Manners). He showed good progress in his first class, although at times he seemed to think that "Come" meant: ignore your master and go play with the girl dogs. This unprofessional behavior has been noted by our HR department and will be given due consideration before Bentley is offered full-time employment.

By the by, we sourced Bentley from Nanjay Kennels, which is pretty close to Heaven for English Springer Spaniels. Many thanks to Nanci J. Footit for entrusting us with Bentley.

Our Team

Our TeamSo where is the rest of the crew? Where is the art director, the copywriter, the media planner? All over the place, but never far away thanks to the Internet and the good old-fashioned phone. And because we only use our partners when we need them, you pay less. What a concept!

Proven advertising and marketing results – delivered by project, outsourcing or retainer.
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