Toronto advertising agency pro Wolfgang Franke, who outsources his marketing and advertising services to companies that need marketing and advertising help, but can't afford a full-time marketing and advertising manager
Outsourcing your company’s marketing and advertising? Meet the best person for the job: 40-year marketing pro Wolfgang Franke

Why outsourcing your marketing and advertising could transform your business (at less cost than you think)

Admit it. You would love the support of a top marketing and advertising professional.   It could be the ultimate game changer for your small business, but even an average marketing director is going to command a six-figure salary that is far beyond your budget

You know outsourcing your marketing and advertising would be less expensive, but you held back  because you were unsure about the costs and benefits of outsourcing.  Relax.  You are about to get answers to all your questions about marketing and advertising outsourcing.


How much does it cost to outsource marketing and advertising to a proven Toronto ad agency professional?


Much less than you think. It could even cost you nothing because the first thing we will do is identify wasteful and ineffective spending on marketing and advertising. The savings are often significant and can be far in excess of any fee you pay us.


Who will deliver the services and how can I be assured that I am getting a top marketing professional with all the skills I need to grow my business?


You work will be handled by Wolfgang Franke, a senior marketing and advertising professional with over 30 years of practical experience in all the communications disciplines you need to advance the success of your business – marketing, advertising (traditional and online), branding, public relations and copywriting. Wolfgang is your direct contact from start to finish. You will never be handed over to a junior marketing person.


Have you had success with other companies that outsourced their marketing and advertising to Wolfgang Franke?


You don't last in the advertising and marketing business for over a quarter century without delivering results for your clients.

Yes, we have clients who have outsourced their marketing and advertising to Wolfgang for many years, including one company that has retained our outsourcing services for over 20 years. That only happens when you deliver results.


What are the less known reasons for outsourcing marketing and advertising?


There are many and the resulting benefits can be very significant. For example, clients have made been strongly influenced by our comments and suggestions regarding key hires. We have also been directly involved in interviews and more than one client has thanked us for guiding them toward a better hiring decision.


What if we already have staff responsible for marketing and advertising?


Most of our clients have some marketing staff. What they lack is a senior marketing person who can guide and inspire the in-house marketing team and provide the vision that answers sales challenges and opportunities.


What is the difference between your marketing outsourcing services and the work done by competing providers of outsource marketing services?


Start with our price for marketing and advertising outsourcing. It is a fraction of the pricing demanded by outsource marketing companies. Then consider that you are getting the “Swiss-Army-Knife” of marketing and advertising outsourcing, not just a marketing consultant or advertising manager. Hiring Wolfgang Franke to be your Outsourced Marketing Manager means you get all the support you need to develop and execute a complete marketing and advertising campaign.  Why settle for less?  Call us today (905-940-6610) to learn more. 

Yes, I do that

Amend an existing marketing plan or write an entirely new marketing plan
Create new revenue streams
Identify spending that should be cutback or eliminated
Test new marketing concepts at a fraction of the usual cost
Expand the effectiveness of existing sales channels
Improve the performance of existing marketing staff
Coach sales staff
Participate in key hiring decisions
Develop a new brand, including the name and graphic identify
Write a tagline
Develop advertising concepts
Write and design breakthrough ads for traditional and online media
Upgrade and expand online marketing
Convert under-performing websites into lead generation machines

Now you know why they call Wolfgang Franke the "Swiss-Army-Knife" of Marketing and Advertising outsourcing. Call him today at 905-940-6610 to learn more. Or keep doing the "same-old, same-old" and hoping something different happens.

Proven advertising and marketing results – delivered by project, outsourcing or retainer.
Prices: less than you would expect.   Results: more than you can imagine

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