"Where are we going to find the proven copywriter who can give us 10 words or a thousand – and get it right the first time?"

By Wolfgang Franke
President & Creative Director, Words at Work

Admit it. You are always looking for better copywriters. There are just not enough to go around. I know because I have engaged a wide variety of copy writers over the years (Did you see the subtle SEO?).

I tried the premium priced “copywriting vet” who had a reasonably impressive portfolio, the young copywriter with great promise and a few in between. All left me wanting more, much more. I paid the invoices even though I almost always had First Draft Let Down and had to do a significant rewrite.

It’s an all too common problem, which explains why I am engaged from time to time by other advertising agencies. I am more than happy to help because I am long past the point where I worry about working with a competitor. More often than not, I enjoy the opportunity to work with new people on a fresh creative challenge. Keeps me young.

I will work on just about anything, provided there is no direct conflict with any of the valued clients of my advertising and marketing company. That has happened a few times, but it is rare.

Meet the Swiss Army Knife of Copywriting

I am often called the Swiss Army Knife of Copywriting because I can be used to handle just about any writing assignment, ranging from traditional and online advertising assignments to PR jobs and corporate work. You can do that when you are a trained journalist (BA in Journalism, Ryerson University) and have followed a unique professional development path that, prior to the creation of my own Toronto ad agency, included time with a:

  • Leading  PR firm
  • The corporate communications department of a major oil company
  • National Advertising Agency

Ask for a free, introductory consultation with Toronto freelance copywriter Wolfgang Franke

Interested enough to ask about timing and pricing for my freelance copywriting services?  Here is the short answer: you can expect lightning fast turnaround and fair invoicing, based on the going rate for Senior Copywriters (U.S clients can take advantage of the favorable exchange rate between the Canadian and U.S. dollar). Call now (905-940-6610) to learn more and get some instant relief from First Draft Let Down.

Newspaper advertising work sample, with copywriting by Wolfgang Franke, a freelance copywriter in Toronto with extensive advertising and marketing experience.
Work Sample. Category: Not for profit advertising. Media: Flyer print ad. Creative Strategy: Create urgency and a sense of responsibility by presenting a hockey-themed twist on a common term: The buck stops here. Click for a larger view.
Outdoor transit ad, with copywriting by Wolfgang Franke, a Senior freelance copywriter in Toronto for traditional media and socila media writing assignments
Work Sample. Category: Consumer advertising; Media: Outdoor transit advertising; Creative strategy: Make an emotional connection with lovers of muscle cars. Click for a larger view.
Business to Business direct mail postcard; with copywriting by Wolfgang Franke, a Senior Copywriter in Toronto available for freelance copywriting required by ad agencies, marketing companies and PR agencies.
Work Sample. Category: Business to Business; Media: Direct Mail; Creative strategy: Separate the client's offering from competing offerings of the same IT brand by presenting a huge promise of value added that can only be seen by opening the mailer. Click for a larger view.
Newspaper ad by Toronto senior copywriter Wolfgang Franke, available for freelance copywriting assignments involving social media, video scripting website content, blogs vand vlogs.
Work Sample: Category: Consumer; Media: Newspaper; Creative Strategy: Present a colloquial term (Get your hands dirty) and gritty image that together trigger the prospect's passion for car repair.
Click for a larger view.
Newspaper ad and tagline by Senior Toronto copywriter Wolfgang Franke, available for freelance copywriting assignments required by advertising agencies, marketing companies and PR agencies.
Work Sample: Category: Consumer; Media: Community Newspaper; Creative Strategy: Answer the consumer's desire for a dream makeover by showing a real example of a dream makeover. This campaign successfully launched a bath and kitchen contracting business on a shoestring budget – and was subsequently copied by many other home improvement contractors in Toronto. Click for a larger view.

Proven advertising and marketing results – delivered by project, outsourcing or retainer.
Prices: less than you would expect.   Results: more than you can imagine

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