A quick, simple (and proven) way to get a competitive advantage versus every other web design and development company

Man bending over backwards, representing problems small business owners have with web advertising, a specialty of Words at Work, a leader among ad agencies in Toronto for businesses needing better social media advertising, copywriting, online advertising, Facebook advertising and video marketing.
Stop bending over backwards to beat the competition on price – and start winning new business by being the first to offer the total solution businesses want and need.

You know better than anyone that the web design and development business is highly competitive. Price competition is vicious, new competitors popping up constantly – and we haven’t even mentioned the offshore competitors yet.

So how do you stand out? Even more important, how can you make a buck when there is always someone who will undercut your price?

Easy.  Stop your “me-too” advertising and partner with us to offer the customer what they are not getting now – world class web design and industry leading web content, written by a top copywriter who knows how to intrigue the customer and attract the search engine all at the same time. It’s a winning combination that has generated great results for our existing web design and development partners.  That means not only more contracts, but also higher margin contracts, earned because the client could easily see they were getting something they could not get from competing suppliers focused exclusively on web design.

Empty office, presenting small business website with pooor copywriting by an unproven Toronto copywriter, a common advertising mistake that can be corrected by hiring Senior Toronto copywriter Wolfgang Franke, who accepts freelance copywriting assignments from other ad agencies, marketing companies and PR agencies.
A website without response generating copywriting is as useless as
an unfurnished office.

If your clients question the value of professional written web copywriting, tell them about the most recent feedback I have received from a law office client who engaged my services three years ago:  “In the last three years, our revenue has grown dramatically, thanks directly to our new website.  It has made a big difference.”  Better still, his website recently helped him attract a key Associate. “He did not know me, but our website kept coming up #1, so he decided to give me a call.”

Act now and you could be the first in your market to offer something new and fresh to potential clients and reap the resulting benefits. We welcome inquiries from anywhere in Canada or the U.S., but are particularly interested in speaking with potential web development partners in Vancouver, B.C., Halifax, Nova Scotia and Phoenix, Arizona.

Call us toll-free today (887-940-6610) to learn more – and get in before one of your competitors calls.

Proven advertising and marketing results – delivered by project, outsourcing or retainer.
Prices: less than you would expect.   Results: more than you can imagine

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