WOLFBITES - Issue 11

2005 Year In Review

Tis the time of the season to give out coal and candy – coal to anyone who is responsible for the endless stream of advertising madness; candy to anyone who either created or approved the advertising magic that stands out from the boring, mundane, useless advertising that invades our lives daily.

Lump of coal, symbolizing the disapproval of poor advertising campaigns evaluated by Toronto copywriter Wolfgang Franke, who is also president of Words at Work, a top Toronto ad agency specializing in small business advertising.

Coal to media reps who sell full-page, full-color ads to unsuspecting companies with no media buying experience and no budget to sustain the media buy. The reps know these “single-shots” have no chance of success, but produce great sales margins for the rep. Shame on you for wasting your client’s hard earned money.

Candy, symbolizing the approval of sound advertising, evaluated by Toronto copywriter Wolfgang Franke, who specializes in copywriting for small business advertising campaigns

Candy to the creative minds behind the radio campaign for Grolsch beer. A beautifully simple concept. Great scripts. Terrific talent. Best visches to everyone involved.

A piece of coal for a lousy advertising campaign in the view of copywriter Wolfgang Franke, who specializes in social media advertising, social media marketing and web advertising.

Coal to companies that have groups of men – typically grey-haired men – review and approve advertising for products that are purchased primarily by women. The results are always the same – unattractive designs with “war colors” (red and black) that literally repel female buyers. Wake up, guys. Women have wallets. They either make buying decisions or influence them. Ignore them at your peril.

A piece of candy for web development Paul Charles, a web designer who has worked with Words at Work for many years.

Candy to the suppliers who bent over backwards to help us meet some very tight deadlines. Great, big bags of candy to Paul Charles at Twisted Pixel, our web development partner, graphic designers Lynn Waghorne and Rod Pipher, and John Kwok at Alchemy Sign Makers.

A piece of coal for small business owners who model their advertising after packaged goods campaign, a big mistake in the view of Wolfgang Franke, President of Words at Work, the best Toronto ad agency specializingin small business marketing.

Coal to both advertising companies and clients who are in the business-to-business category, but want to pretend they are in the packaged goods category. They dwell endlessly on logos and graphic identity and, in the process, waste scads of time and money that would be better spent on marketing fundamentals, such as marketing planning, media buys, messaging…

Chunk of candy for small business owners who understand success depends on using a mix of media, including social media, video and web advertising.

Candy to clients who appreciate and understand that newspaper advertising is just one of many media options. There is so much more to consider, including the always under appreciated outdoor advertising options, radio – the “secret” weapon of many leading Toronto retailers, and web-based, pay-as-you-go options, such as Goggle advertising.

A lump of coal for car dealerships who do look-alike ads, a common problem observed by Toronto ad agency President Wolfgang Franke

Coal to car dealerships for producing screaming price point ads that all look the same. Apparently the fine owners of these dealerships have not heard that price is just one part of the car buying experience.

A juicy piece of candy for small business owners who understand the importance of having a marketing plan, developed by a small business advertising specialist like Wolfgang Franke

Candy to clients who appreciate it is tough to get anywhere if you don’t first have a destination. This is why we always ask new prospects if they have a marketing plan. If you don’t have a marketing plan, make it job one for 2006.

A lump fo coal for small business owners who pay for say-nothing ads, a common problem that can be corrected with the help of copywriter Wolfgang Franke.

Coal to agencies and buyers of advertising who produce “say nothing” advertising – and then claim it is not a problem because people “no longer read”. Wrong, wrong, wrong. There is all kinds of research that proves people will read if you give them relevant, well-written advertisements.

A piece of candy for small businesses who understand that market share is not earned overnight, a common problem identified by Wolfgang Franke, President of Words at Work, a top Toornto ad agency specializing in small business advertising and marketing

Candy to all the companies who understand that market share is not achieved overnight. Market share is earned with customer-focused messaging, delivered in a consistent, targeted media campaign. It’s that simple.

A lump of coal for small business owners who do not have a unique selling point, something that they can get from Toronto copywriter Wolfgang Franke, wo is also President of Words at Work, a leader among Toronto ad agencies specializing in small business marketing.

Coal to so-called marketing experts who can’t articulate the USP of the products and/or services they have been hired to market. If you don’t know the USP, how the heck will the customer know the USP? By the way, USP is short for unique selling point.

Tasty candy for all the clients of Words at Work, the best Toronto advertising agency specializing in small business advertising, including Facebook advertising.

Candy to all the clients of Words at Work who gave us the opportunity to do some great work this year. We will do our best to remember that we are not in the business of creating advertising. We are in the business of creating sales and profit for our clients.

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Wolfgang Franke is President & Creative Director of Words at Work Advertising & Marketing, a full service communications company established in 1988. Our growing list of valued clients are found throughout our local market, Markham and the Greater Toronto area, across Canada in cities such as London, Ontario, and Edmonton, Alberta, and an expanding list of international locations ranging from The Big Apple in New York to Kanturk, Ireland.

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Before you approve that ad with a clever headline based on a colloquial phrase understood by English-speaking customers, remember that close to half of your prospects won't understand the phrase because English is their second language – or they don't speak English at all.

You probably think a marketing plan describes what you know. It does, but it is equally important to identify what you don't know.

Being on the internet – and being found on the internet – are two very different things.

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