WOLFBITES - Issue 33

Trying to find the best Toronto ad agency for your small business? Make sure you read the Breaking News

Breaking News, presented for small business owners looking for a Toronto advertising agency with top Toronto copywriters, web marketing experts, web advertising copywriting, video marketing and script writing and social media advertising help.

There are plenty of Toronto ad agencies that will give you Good News when it comes to the advertising prospects for your small business, including internet marketing, online advertising and traditional media.  

We give you the Good News and the Breaking News. It is must reading for any small business looking for a Toronto ad agency – and you will only find it here.   

Good News – You can grow your small business by making business promotion a line item in your budget.  

Breaking News – The most successful small businesses maximize business growth by devoting resources (time, money, sweat) to not only the attraction of new customers, but also expanding sales to existing customers (the low hanging fruit often ignored by many small business owners).

Good News – You can build your online business by applying Search Engine Optimization to your website!

Breaking News – Even with the best SEO web marketing in Toronto, a website makeover is only half complete. You also need the other half: replacing hard-sell web content with intriguing web copywriting that rewards the visitor for taking time to read your website. Don't hire a Toronto ad agency that gives you half the pie.  

Good NewsYou can hire a Toronto web marketing company to increase your web traffic.  

Breaking News – Your new business pipeline is being filled with prospects, attracted through non digital advertising while you wait for your web traffic to reach the level where it can produce a continuing flow of new business. Caution: Even the best websites, with top copywriting and best web page design, do not leap to page one immediately. It is more likely that you will start on page ten (or worse) and rise slowly thereafter. 

Good News – Social media is free and every business can use Social Media to attract new customers!

Breaking News – Social Media is not free, unless you place no value on the many hours it takes to launch and maintain a Social Media campaign. Moreover, there are no one-size fits all Social Media solutions for small businesses. If you sell plumbing parts to other businesses, Twitter will be far less useful than YouTube.  Conversely, Twitter could be perfect for a mobile food restaurant, a business model that fits well with Social Media Strengths: day to day engagement, building a following, maintaining top of mind. Bonus Social Media Tip: Social Media activity and Social Media results are not the same thing.  

Good News - Higher spending on advertising could mean higher sales!

Breaking News - Small business growth is driven by ideas, risk taking and guts, not just dollars spent. A single good idea can trump thousands of dollars in advertising by a competitor. Even the big advertisers need and value ideas. For example, all of the major advertisers in Canada did Canada 150 campaigns. But only one stood out: Canadian Tire, with its brilliant true colors campaign. There were no flashy graphics, no eye popping CGI, no celebrity appearances.  Just the execution of a simple, beautiful idea (show your true colors). Fantastic.

Good News – Top ad agencies in Toronto have great designers and top copywriters ready for hire by major advertisers who need creative advertising!

Breaking News – There are plenty of small Toronto ad agencies with great designers and top copywriters ready for hire by small business – and we are one of them.

Good News – A large Toronto ad agency offers the best advertising and marketing help!

Breaking News – There is no direct connection between the size of a Toronto advertising agency and the creativity offered by that advertising agency. A small Toronto advertising agency can produce some very big ideas for your small business. See what's possible by giving us a call (905-940-6610) today.    

Wolfgang Franke is President & Creative Director of Words at Work Advertising & Marketing, a full service communications company established in 1988. Our growing list of valued clients are found throughout our local market, Markham and the Greater Toronto area, across Canada in cities such as London, Ontario, and Edmonton, Alberta, and an expanding list of international locations ranging from The Big Apple in New York to Kanturk, Ireland.

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Why are we now seeing ads for "spreadable" butter. Because somebody looked at a problem that has frustrated consumers for years – butter does not spread easily – and came up with a solution.

Most of us saw this new thing called the Internet. Just one person saw how the internet could transform the auction – an age-old marketing technique – into the e-auction.

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